The Story

What if great design didn’t cost a bomb and designers weren’t working for free?

The Beginning

Amplio’s story began the moment our CEO Alex started his own design agency back in 2011. Over the period of almost a decade we have worked with many types of clients and designers. The main issue for clients was always the desire for high quality design work but the lack of money to pay for it. And for designers the issue was always finding interesting work and being able to charge appropriately for their efforts.

Alex then met Arminas during an MBA course and both decided that there was a solution for all this, and they were going to make it a reality. Amplio was created to empower designers to reach their full potential and enable our clients to get high-quality design work that would actually impact their business.

Benefits for Clients

  • Quality designs for a low price
  • Peace of mind that you’re working with a reliable designer
  • Save time searching for the right designer

Benefits for Designers

  • Get paid on time
  • No pitching / free work
  • Work with interesting global clients

The Usual Process

Let’s be honest, finding the right designer that can deliver whatever you’re looking for is as much fun as watching paint dry. Yes, you can go to those marketplace website and find cheap designers but also … they’re just no good. Or you can hire a design agency and it’ll cost you a bomb. So where can normal people go to find a reliable designer that is also affordable? You guessed it … AMPLIO!

Now, we’re not saying that every single project will be a 100% success (some marriages aren’t meant to be) but we are very sure that the overall process will be a lot (like A LOT) more pleasant and smooth.

What the future holds

Currently, we are in our early stages and are working hard to grow Amplio as a platform because we believe that it will help many people. The demand is also there and will only get bigger in the future.

We ask for your patience and support in making Amplio a success and hope that you become part of our journey.

Now that you know us, let’s get down to business!